Hello, WordPress!

Gamium.org was always intended to be a game discovery service but a lack of data kept this dream from being a reality. Since discovering RAWG.io, however, I now have the dataset I need to build the game discovery service of my dreams.

However, the next question became, how am I going to display everyday content such as news and content pages? I experimented with Kirby (an excellent CMS, btw, just not what I needed), tinkered with Jekyll, and even considered writing my own micro-site generator (because every PHP developer has eventually written a CMS. I’ve written two!).

The original Gamium Review System, back in the day, ran off Drupal.

At the end of the day, however, I came back to my old friend: WordPress.

Basically, it comes down to this: WordPress is functional and it’s fast if you don’t load it down with a ton of plugins. Modern versions of WordPress come with a ton of features that make managing regular content a breeze.

On this site, Game Recommendation pages are generated by the Gamium Recommendation Engine. Everything else, however, is generated by WordPress.

Welcome home.