Convention Services

Running a convention is hard, and finding quality content for your congoers can be even harder.  We here at Gamium have experienced our fair share of ill-prepared, low quality convention content, and have made it our mission in life to create and present only the highest quality content.

But we recognize that conventions are hard, and there’s never enough people around to handle everything that needs to be done.  Therefore, we also provide services above and beyond your regular panelist for our Anime, Fandom, and Tabletop conventions.

It’s well known, you get what you pay for.  So here’s what you get:

0 Tolerance Cancellation Policy

You don’t have to worry about our time slots;  if we say we’ll be there we will be there, ready to go.

Quality, Produced Content

No boring low-content picture slideshows or discombobulated presentations here!  Gamium content provides high quality presentations with even higher quality showmanship!  We work hard to cram as much content into the panel’s time block without the dead air and missing content that so often plague convention panels.

Missing Panelist Protection (MPP)

With Gamium’s MPP, we come prepared with extra content, ready to jump into any last minute gaps in your schedule.  Did you have a panel cancel at the last minute, or have a guest stuck on the tarmac?  You can call upon Gamium to bring one of our high quality presentations to fill your dead air.

And even better, Gamium MPP is included in the price!

Gopher Service

Conventions never seem to have enough hands available when they’re needed most.  With Gamium’s Gopher Service, you gain access to our Technical Support Peon outside of our panels as an additional hand who can provide technical assistance for other panels.  In addition, if Gamium’s MPP service isn’t required, you can call upon our presenters to handle any “Go-fer” tasks you need extra hands with.